Quotable: Packer, from Knowing God

"On the cross Jesus lost all the good that he has before: all sense of his Father's presence and love, all sense of physical, mental and spiritual well being, all enjoyment of God and of created things, all ease and solace of friendship were taken from him, and in their place was nothing but loneliness,... Continue Reading →


For the name

In Acts 5, Peter and some of the apostles had been arrested for teaching about Jesus.  It's a bizarre story, where they had been arrested, and then suddenly they were outside the prison again, having resumed their teaching.  The religious leaders brought them in once again, and questioned what had happened. Of course, these councilmen were much... Continue Reading →

Beyond Bandaids: Hope + Help

A foundational belief that I have which informs every facet of the ministry God has called me to is that the gospel transforms people and places, for the fame of Jesus and the benefit of the city.  Throughout the last 16 years or so, for me, this has included the gospel expressed through both word... Continue Reading →

A moment in the Psalms

You could spend days, weeks, or even years in the Psalms and find things of pure gold there. The beauty and bewilderment of the book is that you can find near the same in just a moment. Whether taken as an entire work of emotionally charged prayers and blessings to the Lord, or single moments,... Continue Reading →

God with us (John 1:1-18)

As disconnected and disjointed as many people are, our culture certainly seems to place a pretty high value on presence.  It might not be something we specifically talk about or think about in daily conversation, but the void of it seems to permeate everything around us. Politicians are criticized for being present during elections, but... Continue Reading →


In many cases there’s a remarkable difference between terms and concepts.  Take, for example, the term and the conceptual understanding of “Transformation”.  The term means "a complete or dramatic change in form, appearance or function". Pretty straight forward.  The concept becomes a little more complicated.  We know that transformation means that something changes into something else.... Continue Reading →


My books are back. After three long years, they're back. Ever since we moved out of my office at Palm Harbor Church my books have resided in boxes, shifting from one storage space to the next. First in my garage and then in a storage container outside my office at 6 Stones, we've been separated... Continue Reading →

A New Question

For church leaders and especially lead pastors, there’s a lingering question which many of us despise.  We know it’s coming in those introductory conversations.  It’s a question I often tried to avoid while leading a local church myself, but I could never completely circumvent the inevitable. The question is this: How big is your church?... Continue Reading →

Why flashy churches are killing the Great Commission

Well, I really don’t think that title statement is true, but now that I have your attention.. Over the course of most of my life, whether as a child in church or as a leader/staff member of a church, the up-front or behind-the-curtain message has predominantly been “Invite your friends to church and we will... Continue Reading →

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