Mobilization Strategy

Mobilization is a science and an art.  It’s something that probably anyone can do, but it’s something that can take time to understand and practice with efficiency.  As a general outline, here are the three primary environments for effective Mobilization:

1 – Large Scale Events or Trainings

Gathering large groups together around a single-commitment event is the perfect entry into mobilization.  The idea is not to capture everyone who shows up.  Instead, pay attention to those significantly moved – and sometimes even bothered – by the events of the day; whether it’s information they’ve learned or experiences they’ve had.  I usually aim for 1% and count it a monumental victory if I can go beyond that.

Join our next Large Scale Mobilization Event at our Community Powered Revitalization Blitz, April 20-21, 2018

2 – Small Scale Networks or Groups

The basic idea here is twofold: help individuals (usually identified from Large Scale Events or Trainings) garnish the energy of those around them, and see how well they mobilize others.  It’s the people I meet at these Large Scale Events or Trainings who ask me to come share at their home group or other smaller sized network that really get me excited.  If you want sustained movement, it’s best when people are being mobilized within existing communities.

3 – One to One Mentoring

Hopefully there’s one (or two, or three) people from the Small Scale Networks or Groups who want to go the distance.  They want to learn the ins and outs of some of the situations you’re mobilizing their groups into.  These are the people that you reproduce yourself in, and you rely on them to mobilize people you’d never have access to.

It doesn’t take a genius to mobilize people.  But it does take time, patience, and the ability to see downfield.

Want to learn more?  Let’s hang out in trenches.  Email me at:

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