Coffee, my hero

Morning hits. Water, heat, burr grinders explode. The earth fuses with the river, blending into magical brew. Patience and time argue, anticipation to fuel seconds. Blissful aromas. At least the grapefruit-spiced — and nutty brown — molten caresses the palette. Breathe. Bones. Flesh. The day awaits. Drink. Repeat.

3 Essential Aspects of Healthy Organizations

Every leader wants to make his or her organization healthier. Organizational health leads to increased profits, attendance, scalability, effectiveness and success. In short, it helps you complete your mission – the “why” behind what you set out to do when you launched or took the reigns from your predecessor. It’s at the top of the… Read More 3 Essential Aspects of Healthy Organizations


In many cases there’s a remarkable difference between terms and concepts.  Take, for example, the term and the conceptual understanding of “Transformation”.  The term means “a complete or dramatic change in form, appearance or function”. Pretty straight forward.  The concept becomes a little more complicated.  We know that transformation means that something changes into something else.… Read More Transformation